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Intro / Service / For the exhibition centers, the enterprises of entertainment and leisure

Order our best coffee Lavazza and get a coffee machine in unpaid using.

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Free rent


For the exhibition centers, the enterprises of entertainment and leisure

During some days while the exhibition lasts, or during the short interval, wishing drink some coffee there can be a huge quantity. And everybody need to receive a cup of a fragrant drink as soon as possible.

We offer the most simple and tasty decision. Put in buffet not one, and two, three, four... espresso machines Lavazza!

It is not easy to count coffee and the sold portions in such conditions.

These problems are also easily solved by means of espresso machines Lavazza Espresso Point:

  • The cup of one of six possible drinks is made less minute
  • The strength and volume of a portion are easily changed
  • Machines work only with excellent coffee Lavazza packed into special cartridges
  • Each model is supplied by the electronic counter of the prepared portions of drinks

Besides espresso machines Lavazza are very compact (25х30 sm) and are mobile. It is easy to put it at any place you want.

You can take in rent free using necessary quantity of coffee machines and work with them so long as you wish, In difference from system of granting espresso machine in rent you should pay only for drinks. One portion (cartridge) of coffee or chocolate costs 0,53y.e.

If you have become interested in our service, call or contact us through site, and we shall do the rest.

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