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Order our best coffee Lavazza and get a coffee machine in unpaid using.

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For cafe, bars and restaurants

First of all we started to work with cafes bars and restaurants and today it is possible to tell with confidence that all bars, restaurants, cafe with which we work, by means of Lavazza Espresso Point successfully solve three basic problems:

  • Minimization of expenditures of labour of the manager in business
  • Transformation of single clients into constants
  • The strict control and the account of the sold portions of drinks

Each machine Lavazza is equipped by the electronic counter of the used cartridges, therefore your barman should be absolutely fair worker concerning coffee.

Coffee machines Lavazza will make one cup of 6 drinks (three grades of espresso Lavazza, hot chocolate, coffee without caffeine, cappuccino) quickly and noiseless. The strength and volume of every portion easily change by simple pressing of the button.

Little sizes (25х30 the sm) and mobility (machine works without connection to a water pipe) of espresso machines Lavazza make these machine convenient for use both in constant premises, and at restaurant ground.

We do not offer coffee machines in rent because our clients prefer rent-free using machines. You pay only for coffee (0,53y.e. for a cartridge). We do installation, preventive works and service of the machine. Delivery of coffee is also carried out at our expense.

There is only one condition. You should make not less than 200 portions of coffee in month.

Call us or make the order through a site and in a day excellent drinks from Lavazza Espresso Point will start to turn your casual visitors to constant clients.

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