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Intro / Service / For those who wishes to treat the clients with a cup of excellent coffee

Order our best coffee Lavazza and get a coffee machine in unpaid using.

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For those who wishes to treat the clients with a cup of excellent coffee

Everyone knows that successful business is based on the formula the client is always right.

When the client comes to expensive motor show, the consultation company, advertising agency or a beauty saloon, he should be satisfied with everything including a cup of excellent coffee.

We deliver the best Italian coffee of mark Lavazza which is known and favorite all over the world because of its excellent taste and irreproachable quality to Ukraine.

Understanding, that the system of the organization of consumption of coffee at office is important, than taste and aroma of the drink, we represent in the Ukrainian market their best combination and it is line Lavazza Espresso Point (convenient and multipurpose espresso machines the packed fine coffee and chocolate) and we provide full service on conditions of rent- free using.

You need not any investments and waste of time for installation espresso machine and the subsequent delivery of coffee.

Make the order through a site or call us by phone, and during the day we shall perform the order.

You will pay only for drinks. One portion costs 0,53 y.e. We carry out delivery, installation, service of the machine and delivery of coffee at our own expense.

Everyone can use machine and there is no need for special connection. This machine occupies little place and will undoubtedly decorate your office. The design of machines was developed by the well-known creators of appearance Ferrary, Italians Pininfarino.

Offer the client real coffee Lavazza, cappuccino, hot chocolate, coffee without caffeine. Take an interest, whether the visitor prefers strong coffee... And in a minute put before him a beautiful porcelain cup with a smoking drink and he will not resist your courtesy.

They say that nothing is given so cheaply and appreciated so expensive as good coffee and courtesy in time offered to the guests.

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