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Order our best coffee Lavazza and get a coffee machine in unpaid using.

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For those who wishes to take care of the employees and visitors

According to the statistics comfortable feeling of the worker at a workplace increases productivity of his work by 15-40 %. What does better than a cup of good coffee cheer up mood and give sensation of calmness and energy?

Our clients consider, that the most optimum variant of the decision of this problem is to put in office compact (25х30 sm) espresso machine Lavazza Espresso Point.

Its productivity is a cup of a fine drink less than for one minute.

Exclusive grades of coffee Lavazza, hot chocolate, coffee without caffeine, real cappuccino is a good choice which will allow everyone to pick up mood, and will relieve office from jars with an instant coffee, bottles with water and noisy kettles:

  • The machine uses for preparation of drinks the real coffee Lavazza and chocolate, packed in special cartridges
  • The volume of a portion of a drink (50, 75 or 100 milliliters) and its strength is easily adjusted by simple pressing of the button

Your employees will not stand for hours in buffet to drink a cup of coffee. It is very simply to use machine Lavazza and it does not require special connection and maintenance.

Espresso machine Lavazza will be at your office during the day from the moment of receipt of your application or a call.

You and your employees will use the machine without any initial and subsequent investments. We carry out delivery, installation, service of the machine and delivery of coffee at our own expense. You pay only for world-wide favorite drinks from Lavazza. One portion costs 0,53y.e.

We have only one condition that monthly consumption of coffee should be not less than 200 portions.

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