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Solis Maestro Plus Conical Burr Grinder

 Solis Maestro Plus

The Solis Maestro PLUS is based on the original and very popular Solis Maestro coffee grinder. The Maestro Plus includes all the winning features of the original Maestro grinder, plus some extras that increase its versatility and ease of use. These improvements contribute to more than a doubling of the weight over the Maestro and give the Maestro Plus a rock-solid feel and increased stability.

The range of grind is 30% greater than the original Maestro. This increase is on the coarsest settings making it easier to get the perfect grind for drip and French press brewers. The number of grind settings has been increased by over 100% to 40 levels, resulting in a huge range of grinds. The key advantage of the increased settings is precision fine-tuning of your espresso grind settings. The Maestro is designed and assembled in the USA with lots of innovative features built in. These include a list of unique features requested by some of America 's most respected coffee experts.

Some of the most requested features include smooth, quiet operation which is the result from motor isolation; conical burrs that give a fine grind critical for perfect espresso extraction, over 50% greater grind adjustment compared to other grinders in its class, ranging from a fine Turkish grind to a nice even French coffee press grind, and a special gear reduction for slow rotation, ensuring the retention of the aroma and flavor of the freshly ground beans. It features powerful a 160 watt electric motor that wont bog down when grinding at fine settings.

Detailed Product Features:

Swiss Made Grinding Wheels
The Solis Maestro Plus was designed in the USA by the Solis importers and it is built in the USA . However, the quality components that make up the heart of the Maestro are from Switzerland . At the center of the grinder is the hardened cone shaped grinding wheel referred to as a conical burr. Conical burr grinders are exceptional at producing consistent grinds, from very fine to very coarse, and they are particularly tough and long lasting. Thanks to the slow speed at which the conical burr turns, the noise level is considerably less than conventional flat burr grinders and they are less messy.

Grind Coffee For Any Brewing Method
There are many coffee grinders on the market. However, few have the ability to grind fine enough for a professional espresso machine and coarse enough for French press coffee makers. The Maestros wide adjustable grind range makes it an exceptional all purpose grinder. Choose among 40 grind settings by turning the bean hopper to the desired level. Easy to read markings at the base of the bean hopper indicate the proper setting for the coffee brewer you are using.

The Maestro Caters to Espresso Machines
If you have an espresso machine, you will enjoy the convenience of being able to grind directly in to the filter basket for your machine. After you remove the coffee grounds catcher, you can insert your portafilter directly under the dispensing chute to collect the coffee as it is being dispensed. You also can manually activate (versus using the timer option) the grinder with your thumb while holding the portafilter for true one hand operation.

Automatic & Manual Operation
Rare on any coffee grinder priced under $300, the Maestro has a timer switch that allows you to set the grinder to automatically control the grind duration so you don't have to monitor the grinder yourself. On the front of the grinder there is a button that you can manually control the on/off function. When pressed, the grinder will start, then immediately turn off when the button is released. This is nice if you wish to grind a small amount of coffee for espresso.
Easy to Clean
One important and often overlooked task required of owning a good coffee grinder is routine cleaning. To clean the Maestro, just remove the coffee bean hopper to expose the grinding chamber which takes about 5 seconds. At this point the outer cutting wheel simply lifts out. You can perform a thorough cleaning to remove built up coffee grounds around the main cutting wheel and then reassemble the grinder in only 8 seconds. No other coffee grinder on the market makes it so easy to clean.

Large Coffee Bean Hopper

With the ability to store up to ½ pound of coffee beans in the hopper, there is no need to constantly refill the grinder. It will hold enough beans to brew several full pots of coffee or 20 shots of espresso. It is made of frosted shatter resistant plastic.

Perfect Coffee Grounds Catcher
The coffee grounds catcher was perfectly designed so that it forms an almost airtight seal. This prevents coffee dust from escaping when you are grinding coffee beans on a fine setting.

Anti Static Design
The coffee chute is equipped with a flapper valve that slows the rate at which the coffee grounds are dispensed. Combined with the slow rotation of the burrs, there is considerably less static produced. Low static helps reduce coffee shavings from becoming airborne and making a mess on your counter.

Service & Support

All Solis products are offered with an unlimited toll free technical support service. If you have any questions or need help, just call us at the number provided in your help guide. We offer a limited one-year parts and labor warranty for home or office use.

Solis Maestro Plus Specifications:

Color: Black with a polished metal base

Weight: 7.5 pounds

Size: 14"H x 4.75"W x 6.5"D

Power: 160 watts - 120 volts

Warranty: One-year parts and labor

Support: Unlimited toll free technical support

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