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Lavazza Espresso Point Pininfarina

Lavazza Espresso Point Pininfarina

The Lavazza Espresso Point Cappuccinatore is the perfect complement to the Dosatore. Both machines share identical Pininfarina design and dimensions. The look is stunningly elegant and modern, but completely functional at the same time.

How it works?

The Cappuccinatore makes the job of forthing milk for authentic cappuccions completely automatic. Simply position the milk pitcher (or the serving cup) on the dispensing tray with the Teflon-coated wand submerged in the cold milk, and press one of the pre-set timer buttons (small cap, large cap, or free dose). The milk will start heating and foaming up with a wonderful texture within seconds, and the machine will then stop automatically.

The addition of this unit to the Dosatore makes it possible to simultaneously steam milk and brew espresso, a feat normally accomplished with far more expensive and difficult to operate commercial espresso machines.

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