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Lavazza Grand Espresso Coffee

Lavazza Lavazza Grand Espresso

One of Lavazza's top two (along with Top Class) selling foodservice blends in Italy and captures the essence and vitality of the South of Italy -- made with only the best aromatic Arabica beans from Central and South America and select African and Indonesian Robustas. Grand Espresso is a very rich blend that satisfies those looking for a full-bodied, strong coffee with chocolate undertones. Its roast is darker and its percentage of Robusta higher, typical characteristics of the best coffees found in Southern Italy. In the United States, this blend is perfect for those establishments and homes brewing mostly large cappuccinos, mochas, and lattes, where the delicate flavor of other Lavazza blends may be lost or weakened due to the high concentration of milk. Darkest roast among Lavazza's blends, very strong body and aftertaste.

Available in a 2.2 pound, vacuum packed with one way valve bag. Roasted and packaged in Italy. May be shipped in one of two available package styles as shown above.

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